Betting Rules

BetPluton members accept the BetPluton General Rules by using their BetPluton accounts, betting, participating in casino and live casino games, and accepting BetPluton bonuses.

The odds are determined by BetPluton and only the bets made according to these odds are valid.

In order to bet on BetPluton, members must first deposit funds into their BetPluton accounts.

Bets posted by Live Help and e-mail will not be accepted. Bets must be made via BetPluton accounts to be valid.

The minimum stake in BetPluton is 1 TRY or equivalent currency.

BetPluton betting experts determine the minimum and maximum odds and are entitled to change without notice.

BetPluton accounts may be subject to certain restrictions without notice.

If one or more members place an identical bet, the bets will no longer apply. If one or more bets are placed on the same betting types, any bets will be void and the access to the accounts will be blocked.

In the event that the bets made by the members win, the winnings will be credited to the accounts after the official results are announced.

Part of or the entire slip may be cancelled for any reason before the start of the event.

Bets are accepted according to the start time of the matches. If a match has started later than the start time, the bets on that match are called non-runner.

Multiple bets with different bets are not allowed in the same match. In the event of an accidental acceptance of such a situation, bets will be void.

If members place more bets than their balance, bets will be void. If the amount that the members deposit on BetPluton is cancelled for any reason and therefore there is insufficient balance, the bets made before will be cancelled.

BetPluton cannot be held liable for any financial loss resulting from typographical errors. In such cases, the bets are returned.

BetPluton cannot be held liable for any loss or damage caused by communication errors, delays, content errors, faulty data, interruption, data loss and other technical reasons that may occur after the bets have been approved.

The data given in BetPluton is for informational purposes and all necessary studies are taken for its accuracy. Nevertheless, BetPluton cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or loss caused by incorrect information given on the site as a result of a match or an event time. Further information is available in the Betting Rules area.

All information in the Live Betting section is for informational purposes and all necessary work is done for its accuracy. However, there may be some errors from time to time delays. Detailed information on this topic is available in the Betting Rules. Information such as the event start times and live betting rates are provided for information purposes only. BetPluton cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or damage resulting from the misapplication of any information.

BetPluton accepts bets when members approve bets from BetPluton accounts. Bets placed by BetPluton are valid for subsequent transactions. Bets accepted by the system may take some time to take place in ”Betting History system. If the bets are displayed in “Betting History”, bets are accepted by the system.

Each BetPluton member is responsible for the bets made. Bets accepted by members and accepted in the system cannot be changed or cancelled later. BetPluton cannot be held responsible for multiple approvals or loss of a bet. Bets must be checked by members before they are approved.

Bets will be void if an error occurs before or after an event has started. Therefore, bets that do not result are processed according to the amount determined by BetPluton.

If an event is canceled, all bets placed on that match will be automatically returned to the accounts.

BetPluton reserves the right to reject a bet made without giving any reason and to temporarily block or close accounts without prior notice to members.

Multiple BetPluton members are not allowed to bet from the same IP address or multiple BetPluton members on the same network. If such a situation is detected, BetPluton demands the required ID and address documents from the members.

BetPluton pays its betting and game winnings only to the highest amount BetPluton has set. If a members earnings exceed the maximum payment limit, the amount exceeding the maximum payment limit is not paid to the member.

Members can object to the start date and time of any event by providing an official document or link. If the official organization organizing the event does not provide any information on this issue, the bets will be traded according to the start time and date published on BetPluton.